Our organizational model allows us to partner with many different organizations and provide support and resources to ensure the organizational goals are met. All of the partnerships were designed to strengthen the MNBA through Education and health and Wellness. To achieve our youth's necessary and desired goals in life. Our staff of educators and coaches are firm believers that we must focus not only for the academic achievement gap but the opportunity gap as well. Our Partnerships are comprised of  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Mental Health,  Mentoring, Teenage Dating, Charm & Etiquette - Self Esteem 101,  Financial Literacy, Gentrification- Real Estate, Performing Arts, and The Community - Softball Sundays. The organizations we are currently partnered with are; The Kings and Queens of Elegance, Nuued Score, Negro League Baseball Museum, Carolyn Russell - Teenage Dating, Cassondra Smith - Financial Literacy, and Alamo Brown Community Soulful Softball Sunday's.  Please see a couple of the partnership’s goals below. Additional information will be provided upon request.

Stem 2 Hearts

The goal is to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Health, Education, Arts, & Sports to all K-14 students & their families. We have a special focus on delivering our comprehensive hands - on educational services to students & their families residing in foster care, group homes, juvenile detention centers homeless shelters, and government subsidized housing developments in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (K-14 is Kindergarten through the 2nd year of College).

We intend to build a pipeline of new talent coming directly from our poorest neighborhoods. Our new diverse tech pipeline will connect directly into the hallowed halls of the tech companies offering the most promising and rewarding jobs, careers internships, and supplier contracting opportunities in Silicon Valley, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Executive Director

Derek Tolliver


Richminds Network

Richmind’s Network is a community-based organization that was formed by community leaders that share one common goal which is to implement services for more Mental Health needs to Richmond and the Greater Bay Area. This is the goal of the leadership of Contra Costa County Behavioral Health, National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP). Mental Illness is among the most common health conditions in the United States and around the World. One out five American Adults experience some form of mental illness. One out six youth experience some type of mental illness.

Even the most serious mental illness conditions can be treated. The goal is to help reduce the, burden of living with the stigma of mental illness, which makes completion of treatment and independent living very difficult. To ensure success Richmond’s Network includes the development of tools and strategies that utilize evidence-based practices which include, prevention, treatment, and mental health wellness aftercare along with case management/ supervision.

Executive Director

Eddie Morris


The Association of Midnight Basketball League Programs, Inc. is a nonprofit organization designed as the Umbrella Agency for all Midnight Basketball League Programs to help implement the six (6) components, health, employment, education, case management, cultural enrichment, and recreation in the Fillmore/Western Addition community, and other cities around the nation.

Under the Midnight Basketball League Program’s  health  Component is the program “Scared Stiff”.  This program was instituted to collaborate with a diverse group of persons to explore and implement   solutions that will reverse the escalation of violence plaguing San Francisco, the Bay Area, and other areas around the nation, with particular emphasis on the Fillmore/Western Addition community of San Francisco, California.

Executive Director

Larry Gray


Midnight Basketball League Program

San Pablo Baseball Association 

The program has 150 youth from ages 3-14 /League / Division 3-4 Midget Division 5-6 Instructional Division 7-8 Pinto Division, 9-10 Mustang Division, 11-12 Bronco Division, 13-14 Pony Division, and 15-16 Colt division.  

The Youth will be privy to an elaborate After School program during the vulnerable hours from 3:30-6:30 Monday through Friday Most Parents are working during these hours and their Children are unattended. The Mike Norris Baseball Academy provides a safe haven which consist of the essential Academics, Health & Wellness and Recreation. Each youth will be provided with a nutritional snack and beverage. Every other Friday is Family night from 7-9:30 pm which entails the Parent Accompanying their child while a home cooked meal will be served from 7pm-8 pm . Afterwards the Parent will receive a progress report about their child's attendance, behavior and academics from his Teacher and Coach monthly. While this is taking place, the children will have access to video games, music, and movies.


Andre Williams 

Executive Director 


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